North Pinion

by Lanayah

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mohrah One of the most sonically immense and overwhelmingly passionate releases of 2016. Fuzzy, spacey, calm, understated and sometimes blisteringly intense, the album touches on an incredible variety of moods and feelings; and each one hits the ears like a ton of bricks. Highly recommended. Favorite track: North Pinion.
Arius Ziaee
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Arius Ziaee some good tunes Favorite track: Atrophy Under the Night Sky.
Patrick Taylor
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Patrick Taylor Unbelievably emotionally powerful. Talented and raw performances from everyone involved. Not much more needs to be said; this is really special. Keep an eye on it. Favorite track: Wilting.
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North Pinion is a collection of six songs written from the point of Lanayah's initial formation in 2015 to the beginning of 2016.

North Pinion stands less as a conceptual album and more as a chaotic, intense marker of Lanayah's first year writing and performing as a three piece collective. Since that time, Lanayah has expanded on its number of members as well as undergone a more solidified stylistic shift.

While Lanayah has evolved and moved past the musical style present on North Pinion, the memories of the months spent writing the material and the emotions we all felt will remain unforgettable.

Thanks for the best first year of existence a band could ask for. Enjoy.


released October 5, 2016

Jack McTague - guitar

Will Callender - bass, bass vi, vocals, synthesizers, assorted noises, microphones, feedback manipulation

Ethan Harb - drums, sample manipulation, assorted noises

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Eliott Lanam at Hidden City Studios



all rights reserved


Lanayah Santa Barbara, California

Four of us. Southern California doomgaze/post-rock/experimental machine. Positively deafening.

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Track Name: Act of Departure
i've taken your words to heart and gone a day without sleep
the world looked different, the sight of doves on our street and my smile growing wide
petrichor and sun filled skies, locking in my mind the thought that aged faces will remember and reminisce forevermore
i've lived with what was done for so long
i deserve this

this body was not meant for me, it's time to send it on its way
departure and relief and finally, the perfect day
i've looked forward to this
Track Name: Rumination
enshrined with the advent of the year and entombed love
the ashes of adolescence caking throats
never knowing the mountain of hope
reaching only to be greeted with a childhood home set ablaze

family an unwilling courter of your lament
they're weak with so much hurt, and the passage of time
spending their own oxygen to let it linger
your dying flame in their eyes

i can no longer be touched
and i will continue to blame myself
i am a poor judge of character and i did this to myself
i let people in. it's all i know, it was all i could do
Track Name: April Bedrooms
the daily reminder of those ages, of the resemblance of childlike love. an ache long since lost resurfacing
weeping eyes beholding what is years old and forgotten, their tears wiped away by lust soaked hands and torrents of want
when the wind begins to pick up and blows the april away, look and you will see my guilt tumbling down streets and entering throats

i can only thank it, this taught me everything. his hands never leaving my body, his form never leaving my side
Track Name: Wilting
pushing the years together and entering this world over and over again, and night after night
dreams passed to detrimental red and you're never forgetting this feeling of wonder
that this happened to you and its never going to go away

draperies engulfing the light and casting angels to gaze upon the bedroom beyond. their hands reaping the fabric of flesh and massaging dormant muscles
pushing ever downward
their curtain wings concealing my childhood from the rising sun

my resistance is so frail. enraptured in my torment, wilting eternally

night after night
Track Name: North Pinion
(on this day
this time, i'm the one beginning this lonely ascent
a cold destination
to atone
the tops of trees, the light of the stars dancing in ruined eyes and reflecting on buried thoughts)

an earthen memorial of white sage and roses like fire
of petals pulled by wind
of pines and their shade
all lives i have changed and of mistakes i have made
my body will disappear, sobbing in comfort, the erasure of agony and my memories
my destructive limbs will cease their movement, i'm where i deserve to be